Tips For Buying A Used Car In Florida

Tips For Buying a used car

Congratulations! You are ready to move forward and buy your next vehicle! We completely understand that buying a used car can be stressful, but imagine how much money you’ll end up saving! Before buying check out these best tips for buying a used car.

There are plenty of dilemmas a potential car buyer goes through from finally locking your budget, to finding a good deal on a reliable and safe vehicle. Buying a used car can be stressful, but doesn’t need to be.

With our experts at Car Factory in Miami and Hollywood, you can find the car of your dreams, while getting the highest quality vehicle for the lowest prices.

Tips for Buying A Used Car

Here are consider a few best tips for buying a used car:

Do your Research

Before going to check out the local dealership, invest time online to view available cars in classified listings, and trusted car dealership websites. Knowing the most recent value of the car gives you a greater advantage to haggle in case you are being quoted a higher price.

buy a car

Ask your inner circle

Get in touch with someone you trust who has bought a used car within your friend or family circles. This helps you have the best idea of the kind of problems a potentially used car owner faces, and you could then clear your doubts by being prepared for similar encounters.

Consider a Loan or Financing

If you’re planning to take out a loan or finance the vehicle, keep in mind that your credit will affect the terms of your payment. Car Factory will get your credit score approved for financing no matter how good or bad.

Financing Your Credit Score

Know your Overhead

Make sure you budget for all the overhead costs, like sales tax, registration & documentation fees. Always ask for a breakdown of the fee, even if it feels a little uncomfortable. You should know exactly what you’re paying for. Some dealerships like Car Factory include costs upfront with no hidden or band-end fees.

Sign Up for Car Insurance

Most dealerships require proof of insurance before they’ll sell you a car. Make sure you’re insured before driving!

Always Run a Vehicle History Report

Once the dealer or seller provides you the car’s identification number or VIN, run a vehicle history report. This helps reveal whether it was declared a total loss by an insurance company or other accidents you might miss out on otherwise. If the seller seems hesitant to provide the number, you must consider it a shady deal and move on. We provide history reports for free on all our vehicles at Car Factory and are a CarFax Advantage Dealer.


Get the Car Scrutinized by a Professional

It’s important to have the car examined by a mechanic to find any potential issues with it such as leaks or any undocumented damage. They could also help determine whether the car has been in an unreported accident.  At Car Factory, all our pre-owned vehicles have gone under the scrutiny of our mechanics, so that our customers find the car of their dreams, in their budget.

Make a Test Drive Checklist

Create your own checklist for the first time you test drive a used car. Make sure you check for every little detail, including legroom, visibility, noises, and smells. This way you’ll avoid any surprises once you take the car home.

Understand test driving

Now that you know what to consider before your big purchase, make sure you aren’t afraid to follow your instinct. Be prepared to walk away from the deal if it doesn’t feel right. For the best car buying experience, schedule your test drive in our Miami or Hollywood locations online today at CarFactory or call (786) 406-6234!

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