Prepare Your Car For The Summer: Car Care Tips 2019

Car-care-tips 2019

Planning a summer road trip with your friends and/or family? You must take into account the extra miles which when combined with the heat of the summer sun can definitely take a toll on your car. Make sure both you and your vehicle are well-prepared for it by reading through this Car Care Tips 2019 to prepare your car for the summer.

2019 Summer Car Care Tips 

Car Care Tip #1: Inspect your Air Conditioner

Trust us, a road trip in summer dictates the use of a working air conditioner. Since the sweltering heat is going to take a toll on your car, make sure it doesn’t affect you to that extent. Turn on the AC and notice if the air is cool enough. If not, you must get a car mechanic to check it out for you and replace the refrigerant as that is amongst the most common indications of a non-functioning AC.

Car Care Tip #2: Inspect the Engine Cooling System

The radiator in your car protects the vehicle’s engine from overheating. If you still drive a vehicle which is too hot, you run a high chance of cracking the engine block or warp the cylinder head, both of which could turn out to be quite a costly affair for you. To avoid this, ensure your engine’s cooling system is in superior shape. Next, you might want to get the level of the coolant/antifreeze checked.

Car Care Tip #3: Assess your Tires

Look for any abnormal wear or tear in each of your tires. E.g. if you notice that your tires are wearing out unevenly, your vehicle may have an alignment issue. But it could also mean that the tire pressure isn’t properly adjusted. Your tires need a certain amount of inflation to help prevent premature wear and tears and also to give you better gas mileage which in turn will help you save money for that road trip.

Car Care Tip #4: Get Your Brakes Checked

The next time you get in your car, turn down the radio/music and notice the different sounds coming from your vehicle. If you hear any abnormal noises in your car when you slow down, then it is generally a sign that your brakes might need some maintenance. If you notice any signs of pulsating brakes, think of it as an opportunity to head to the mechanic right away. Get your rotors and the level of your brake fluid checked out and ensure that everything revolving around the car’s brakes is working smoothly since acidic brake fluid may start corroding their metal components.

Car Care Tip #5: Examine your Windshield Wipers

To be able to see the road clearly, you must have a clear view of it at all times. This makes your car’s windshield vipers an essential element to safe driving. Check your wipers for cracks or hard rubber and if you find some, you might want to get them replaced at the earliest. Don’t forget to check the washer fluid levels as well! 

Car Care Tip #6: A Thorough Checkup for Lights

Before you hit the road; ensure that all your vehicle lights are fully functional. Besides being an important aspect of driving in the dark, a missing headlight can also mean a heavy fine or a ticket. If you notice water buildup inside the headlights or any kind condensation, it might be time to get them replaced.

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