How To Protect Your Car When Was Hurricane Dorian Hits Florida

When was Hurricane Dorian

With Hurricane Dorian heading towards us, you’re most likely considering ways to protect your house and your family, gathering the supplies necessary in case you are left without power for days, maybe even weeks, and if it’s especially bad, planning to evacuate your area. But another concern you may also have, is how will you protect your car? Here’s how you can protect your car when hurricane Dorian hits Florida.

hurricane Dorian hits Florida.

How To Protect Your Car When Was Hurricane Dorian Hits Florida

Take pictures of your car

It is very important that you have proof of your car’s condition before a hurricane hits. For insurance purposes, you may want to take pictures of your vehicle inside and out. You may also want to get a mechanical diagnosis of your car to check your vehicle’s general safety.

Fill up your car tank

With a hurricane approaching, be sure to fill up your gas tank. After the storm passes, many gas stations could be shut down for long periods of time. With a full tank of gas, you are more likely to get to your destinations without having to stop for fuel.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Park in a safe place

With hurricane-force winds and possible flooding, parking your car in a safe spot is imperative. Parking your car in higher grounds or in a car garage that is a few stories high, can provide protection from the hurricane. If parking in a garage is not a possibility, we recommend that you keep your car away from anything that may fall on top of it: trees, telephone poles, or power lines that may blow up. Parking your car close to a large building may also provide partial protection from the high winds. 

Safe car parking

Stay safe this hurricane season! Remember to always be prepared, pack an emergency kit of food, water, and flashlights during any hurricane.

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