Five Things To Know Before Test Driving A New Car In Florida

Five Things To Know Before Test Driving A New Car

Test-driving a new car can be nerve-wracking, but we’ve got you covered! Test-driving a car is a prerequisite for any automotive transaction. For an inexperienced buyer, this step could be uncomfortable, but it is absolutely essential. Whether it’s an assertive salesman or a shady Craigslist seller, follow the guidelines below to know what every uninitiated buyer should know before their first time.

Depending on the situation, these guidelines will require some adjustment. After all, test driving a variety of cars is an altogether different experience. But regardless of the ride or type of seller, the following guidelines will surely help you before your first test drive.

Things You Should Know Before Test Driving A New Car

1. Carry important documentation

It may seem obvious, but proof of your legal driving status is a regular requirement to complete a test drive. So things will go a lot more smoothly if you remember to carry all that you’d need. Be wary of any seller who isn’t really concerned about your eligibility before handing over the keys. Do not test drive a car that isn’t properly registered and insured. You must ask the seller to see the documentation of their ownership, and that the vehicle has its papers as well. A dealership will have special plates allowing the unregistered vehicle to operate legally on the road, but one way or another; the car must have the tags.

2. Drive more than one car

If you’re in the market for a specific model, you must try to drive a few of the same car, or if you want you can cross-shop cars in the same segment as well. Look for different trim levels and try out different options if your budget allows it. You may realize your preferences have changed since the last time you did this. Don’t write off a particular brand or model that suits your wants and needs, only because of a preconceived notion, without the experience to back it up with a reason.  Schedule a test drive at Car Factory today.

3. Be prepared to get your hands dirty

This point applies, particularly to used vehicles. Choose an outfit that you are comfortable lying on the ground while wearing. A test-drive is also your opportunity to inspect the car. Pop the hood and take a look under the car as well. We know you’re not a mechanic, but any obvious leak or ugly repair means it’s time to turn your back on that particular vehicle and run.

4. Test everything

It may seem like a waste of precious time, but trust us when we say you must test every single thing on the vehicle. Yes, we mean roll every window up and down a few times, pop the trunk and hood to inspect, look for a spare tire in the back, adjust and readjust every seat, run the heat and the air conditioning for a few minutes, use the radio and try literally everything you can think of before you start thinking about a purchase.

5. Drive the car

If the seller limits your drive beyond reason, beware! You need to put this car through a series of real-world situations. While you drive, try to pay attention to each and every noise in the car and go over each road bump. Brake hard and accelerate. You need to spend a few minutes in the driver’s seat.

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