Tips For Getting The Best Price On Auto Insurance In Florida

Tips For Getting The Best Price On Auto Insurance In Florida

According to a survey of more than 1,300 drivers by, ‘price’ is a top concern for more than half of all car owners, when it comes to buying auto insurance. You may or not count yourself amongst those ranks, but we’re still going to help you get a bang for your buck the next time you’re out to shop for auto insurance.

While shopping for car insurance though, you must keep in mind that price isn’t all that matters when it comes to buying car insurance. It’s important to look for a provider who offers you the coverage YOU need, as well as strong service and claims records to back it up.

Determine your insurance needs by working with an insurance agent or through an online calculator before checking prices. Once you’re clear on the kind of coverage you need and have found someone that fits the bill, use the 3 important tips mentioned below to get the best possible price on car insurance.

Tips For Getting Best Price On Auto Insurance

1. Maintain a good credit score

Credit scores have a much bigger impact on insurance costs than many people realize. Michael Newcomer, Principal & Founder at Novel insurance noted that compared to someone with an excellent credit score, a person with poor credit may see an increase of 130% for the same kind of coverage. Pay your bills on time and keep credit cards in check. Doing this should go a long way toward cheaper insurance rates.

2. Compare quotes

If you must remember one golden rule for scoring cheap car insurance, it would be to ‘compare, compare and compare’. Once you do enough of this, you’ll find that your premium can differ by hundreds of dollars from one provider to another, even though you’re going to use the exact same information and coverage levels. This happens mainly because each company judges the risk of insuring you by its own set of standards, and by taking into consideration factors like age, location, driving history and the vehicle type. We’re not going to lie to you; there’s no way to tell ahead of time who’ll deem you ‘least risky’ and therefore the cheapest to insure, so you will have to go through the quote process with multiple companies before you find the cheapest policy.

3. Price out bundling discounts

Many companies also offer multi-policy or ‘bundling’ discounts for customers who open up more than 1 line of insurance. These turn out to be some of the heftiest discounts in the industry. As an example, Allstate offers up to 10% off auto and 25% off home insurance if you pair the two. If you already have a homeowners or life insurance policy, ask your current provider how much discount you’ll get by bundling, and factor those into your price comparison.

Standard discounts are automatically factored into your quote. But it is worth checking with companies to see if you’re eligible for any discounts that aren’t typically listed. Specialty discounts are especially applicable if you’re a veteran, public or federal employee, teacher or a senior citizen.

It is not worth paying for car insurance that will not protect you or your wallet in the event of a serious accident, so your first step in purchasing insurance should be to figure out how much coverage you really need. At the Car Factory, we can help you determine the coverage of the car insurance you need. Call (786) 406-6234 or visit to schedule your appointment in our Miami or Hollywood locations today!

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