Servicing A Car At The Dealership?

Servicing A Car

Amongst the most popular myths in the automotive industry is that your warranty will be void if you don’t take your car to the dealership. This is NOT true. Servicing a car at the dealership according to the law, as long as a licensed repairer service your car as per your car’s logbook, your warranty will not be impacted whatsoever?

Now that we’ve established the truth behind the myth, instead of asking if you need to service your car at the same dealership you bought it, Servicing a Car At The Dealership? you must ask yourself whether you actually want to service your car at the dealership. The Car Factory has multiple outlets across Miami and Hollywood and will help you get the best price on all services and repairs. Our certified experts are available to help, simply book a consultation with us at or call us at (786) 406-6234.

Servicing your vehicle

Servicing A Car At The Dealership?

Read on to understand the pros, cons, and myths of dealership servicing and repairs.


  1. Dealerships will usually offer a loan car that is available while your car is on the road. But depending on how busy your dealership is, you might have to wait a month or two before one actually becomes available.
  2. Dealerships have access to the electronic scan tools specific to your vehicle make & type.
  3. Dealerships usually only deal with one specific brand, so they should ideally have immense expertise in the make and model of your car.


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  1. The costs of servicing a car at dealerships are usually expensive.
  2. A basic service usually takes an entire day or two, depending on the work required. This means a whole day without access to your car.
  3. Dealerships are known to upsell even more than your local workshop. Additive companies provide the service advisers commissions for selling their customers flushes they don’t need. So much so, that they’ll present you with a job card with all of these extras pre-printed, leading you to believe your car needs it. You must always decline.
  4. All information is relayed second hand, by either your service adviser or the receptionist. So it very likely that you will never get a chance to talk to the mechanic who will actually fix your car.

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  1. Warranty Conditions
    Dealerships would like you to think that your car must be returned to the same dealership for servicing, in order to keep your warranty intact. But this fact is not true because as long as a licensed repairer services your car according to your car’s logbook, your car warranty can not be impacted.
  2. Servicing Cost
    It’s not true that ‘fixed-price and ‘free’ servicing reduces your servicing cost. Dealerships make the bulk of their money from servicing and repairs, and not car sales. This means that they will try and up-sell you unnecessary things like air-conditioning services and injection flushes. Often standard items like batteries, tires, wheel alignments, and other repairs aren’t included as well.
  3. In-Car Software
    Your in-car software is updated after every service. These software updates happen rarely – certainly a lot less frequently than your services and only the dealer can update manufacturer-installed software (like GPS). So ask your dealer what updates have happened since your last service to have a better idea, and if it’s nothing significant, then feel free to shop around for a better price.

Mechanic vs Dealership

Better Customer Satisfaction

Acquiring your vehicle for support isn’t just about getting your vehicle fixed. It’s likewise about building a relationship with the staff. As a client, you will need to feel like your interests have been paid attention to and will be tended to.

Vendor proprietors are feeling the squeeze from makers to fulfill different execution guidelines all through the office. These norms reach out to the administrations and fixes divisions, which implies that on the off chance that they neglect to meet certain client assistance particulars, the business can lose the authority of working under the makers’ name. All in all, the vendor realizes that in the event that you leave discontent with the assistance the producer will get some answers concerning it through helpless audits and review criticism. Along these lines, the business is bound to give ideal client care contrasted with a free carport that doesn’t need to answer to anybody.

Only one out of every odd neighborhood technician approaches administration programming, which implies that the issue will keep on going undetected until the issue has spiraled wild and requires another visit to the shop. Having a vendor fix any extraordinary help reviews while you’re as of now at the business saves you time and forestalls the dissatisfaction of making various visits to the specialist.

 Guarantees on the Work: Mechanic vs Dealership

Another incredible benefit to carrying your vehicle to the business for administration or fixes is the way that vendors can offer guarantees for your vehicle. While some more modest mechanics offer a few certifications on fixes and administration, they regularly won’t outperform a business guarantee on schedule or extension the same way that a vendor will. Most importantly, if your vehicle is as yet under guarantee, your vendor will actually want to perform numerous fixes free of charge. Regardless of whether your vehicle is presently not covered by a guarantee, a business will regularly offer a guarantee on the actual maintenance. This implies that if the maintenance comes up short under any circumstance, you ought to have the option to have the maintenance fixed for nothing. Businesses additionally will in general ensure administration and fixes for all maker reviews and administration announcements.

Recall that a guarantee offered through the vendor regularly has a bigger organization of areas where the guarantee will be regarded. A maker guarantee ought to be legitimate at any vendor, paying little heed to the area. This implies that if maintenance from one vendor falls flat, you can generally carry it to another business to have it fixed without paying anything. Or on the other hand in case you’re voyaging and your vehicle requires administration, you should in any case approach administration if your vehicle is as yet covered by a guarantee. Free mechanics essentially don’t have that sort of adaptability.

If you’re still questioning whether you HAVE to get your car serviced at the original dealership, then the answer, in short, is – No, you definitely do not. But whether you still choose to or not, is up to you.

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