Top 5 Most Common Car Problems and Their Signs 


We’re all familiar with the clanks, bangs and other weird sounds our vehicles make when there’s a problem. Completing routine service and maintenance in this case, is vital to keeping your car, truck, or SUV running strong. However at times, car issues will come up and every vehicle will tend to display certain warning signs.

If your car has an issue, you must never ignore it. Car damage tends to increase over time, which means if you don’t take care of a minor, low-cost repair in the moment, you will mostly need to pay thousands instead, in future repairs.

Taking your car to a mechanic may seem like the best idea, but it is imperative you have a general idea as to what is wrong with the car, before you take it in. Once you do, you can make your way over to the Car Factory at our Miami or Hollywood outlets. Our trusted and certified experts make sure they diagnose your car problems quickly and aptly, without making a huge dent in your pocket.

Most Common Car Problems and Their Signs

Although it is difficult to diagnose a car problem, sometimes one problem tends to cause several symptoms. Listed below are some car problem signs you need to be looking out for.

Excess oil depletion

Your car will require a regular supply of fresh oil to stay in function. But in case you find that it needs changes and top-ups more frequently than it should, there might be a problem. Keep an eye on minor dips in performance as well as the oil-light on your dashboard, as these are part of early signs indicating that you need to check your oil. You may even start to see corrosion on the engine when your car is in dire need of an oil change. Keep an eye out for a clogged oil filter which comes to life if you’ve waited too long to change the oil. A good rule of thumb is to change the filter whenever you change the oil.

Damaged/worn out brake pads

Amongst the most dangerous problems a vehicle can face are worn out brake pads. Since they naturally wear down over time it is important to keep up with their maintenance, but the trick is to identify the problem before it leads to something far worse.

Worn out tires

While many flats and blowouts may be caused due to external factors, these can also be caused by factory defects in the tire itself. Even though some tread wear is normal over time, excessive tire wear early on, is not. If you see your tires wearing out unevenly or you feel a vibration through your steering wheel, your suspension is probably in need of alignment.

A cracked windshield

While windshields can still take the impact of an errant rock or some other heavy substance, many of them are rolling off the assembly line with stress defects that make them vulnerable to damage. Even though the small ones may seem like a surface problem, any cracks potentially compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Leaks in the radiator

When it comes to radiator leaks, corrosion is the usual culprit. However, the underlying cause of corrosion may be anything from poor maintenance to factory defects to contaminated fluid. As a rule, it makes sense to replace a radiator than patch it up, but whatever you do, avoid driving your car before it is fixed.

If you’re still not quite sure of what’s causing problems in your vehicle, it’s a good idea to head over to the Car Factory today!

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