Car Factory – Safe Ways To Car Shop During The Pandemic

car shop during the pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has already had a drastic impact on our entire way of life. Is it safe ways to car shop during the pandemic? By nearly all accounts, things are likely to get worse before they get better? This extends to a crucial part of the global economy which is car manufacturing and buying.

Is It Safe To Go Into Car Shop During The Pandemic?

Wall Street Journal reports some dealers are starting to take a serious look at how they handle customers and transactions at a time when people are being asked to not venture out in public or gather in large groups. Many used car startups like the Car Factory are already offering home delivery, online transactions as well as late payments.

Traditionally, buying a car is a time-intensive exercise that requires extensive personal interaction. But in these scary times, you must ensure that you maximize your safety and obey governmental business restrictions while car shopping.

car shop covid-19

Research and browse the inventory at home

The first step to buying a vehicle is finding the right car for yourself. Head on over to the and browse through our inventory. Research and read customer reviews to help narrow down the make, model, and trim level that you want. Once you’ve selected the car you’d like, you will need to decide if you want to do a test drive of the vehicle, negotiate a sales price and make arrangements for the paperwork and delivery.

What about your trade-in?

Vehicle trade-ins often require a physical inspection and evaluation before an offer is made, though some dealers are adapting to buyer preferences toward online transacting. Ask if your local dealership offers something called a ‘blind trade’ which is when the dealership sends a customer an appraisal offer after receiving photos of the interior, exterior, vehicle identification number, and odometer of the car being traded-in.

Test Drive

It is imperative that buyers work with their salespeople to devise a workable solution for test-driving a car safely. Some dealerships may be willing to bring the vehicle to your home for the test drive, reducing the number of people you interact with.

Used cars and inspections

Many buyers would like to buy a used car in these tough economic times. Opting for a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle will allow you to skip getting the car inspected by an independent mechanic, and CPO’s have undergone multi-point inspections already.

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Finalizing the deal

The final step is signing the paperwork and taking delivery of the vehicle.  Some dealers allow both to be conducted from your home. If not, ask if the dealer can arrange overnight delivery of the paperwork to you. Ask your salesperson which dealer extras, such as an extended warranty, will be offered to you at the time of signing. This way you can have a decision in mind about any extras and speed through the sales pitch.

Are car dealerships ready for COVID-19?

The Car Factory is with you car shop during the pandemic difficult times. If you need a car, you can count on us to support you, however, we can. We regularly sanitize both our locations for your peace of mind. If you’re a healthcare worker or a first responder, we want to help return the favor and give you vehicles at dealership costs. Our personnel is taking all the safety precautions that are necessary and we’re also offering no payment schemes for 120 days, due to Covid-19.

Head on over to our website, and browse through our inventory of new and pre-certified used cars.

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