Advantages of Buying a Used Car From a Licensed Dealer

advantages of buying a used car from a licensed dealer

If you’re interested in buying a car, you’ve probably discovered that there are essentially two options when choosing where you can get your next vehicle. You can either buy a used car from a private seller or buy a new, certified pre-owned or get the advantages of buying a used car from a licensed dealer. 

In case you’re leaning more towards buying a used car, you’ve probably considered some vehicles from dealers and others from private sellers. Given that you’ll probably get a more casual, laid-back atmosphere by going through a private seller, we’d like to highlight the advantages of buying a used car from a licensed dealer.

Buying a used car from a dealer ensures that you’ll obtain a high-quality automobile that has met the standards of an organization already specializing in vehicles, and it can help improve your credit score as well.

The certified mechanics at the Car Factory can help you get the reliable used car you’ve been looking for in just a few simple steps. We have ensured the use of masks and regular sanitization at our Miami and Florida dealerships to help safeguard our customers and employees. Book an appointment today, by calling us at 786-406-6234 or visit our website to check out our range of certified used cars. 

Advantages of buying a used car from a licensed dealer

Proven Repute

It’s impossible to know what will transpire when you attempt to purchase a used vehicle directly from a private party. The individual might lie to you about the vehicle’s condition and its accident and maintenance history, and there is no way you can find out. However, a car dealership would always be concerned about its reputation within the community as they have to work hard to establish and keep a respected and widely recognized name.  The main benefit is that you won’t have to worry about buying a fraudulent vehicle since dealers are required to follow strict laws, so they rarely risk having their licenses revoked. 

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Guarantee of a high-quality vehicle

Buying a used car from a licensed dealership offers some assurances that you won’t receive from an individual seller. All vehicles go through inspections from functionality, quality, and reliability, and may even come with a warranty. If you make your purchase with us, you’ll get the full benefit of our warranty, too!

Financing Options

Dealerships can also provide a low down payment on cars with a wide range of financing plans that individual sellers cannot offer. At Car Factory, we not only offer a zero down payment option, but we also offer an option with no payments for 120 days. This financial flexibility comes in handy for buyers who cannot afford to pay for a vehicle all at once. This will translate into an opportunity for you to improve your credit score after making timely payments. But buy a car from an individual seller. You will have to pay the entire vehicle upfront cost, which does nothing to improve your credit rating. 

Genuine Customer Service

Used car shoppers should opt to shop at a used car from a licensed dealership because of the high-quality customer service. When you shop at a dealership, you are treated with respect because they want to keep you as a lifelong customer. A private individual has no such concern like this for you, except the up-front payment they will get, after which they never have to hear from you again. 

Genuine Customer Service

Remember, you control your purchase and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in exchange for your hard-earned money.  

We like to provide our customers with the best quality! That’s why we have chosen the Supreme Tires & Auto Service as our partner! Years of experience at your service ensure the best results at the best price.

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