Five Tips For Safe Driving With Dog In The Car

dog in the car

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, pet adoptions started to soar, and Americans opt to travel by car, rather than airplanes. According to Nissan, over 71% of American Drivers were more comfortable driving with a dog in the car than a plane in the summer. Meanwhile, a Rover report found that more than 60% of recent adoptions are by those with little or no previous pet experience for a drive.

Brandon Sanders, a product safety expert at Nissan North American, said, “Often drivers may hit the road and just have their pet jump in the back seat for the ride. For a small investment and an extra minute or two, you can take steps to help ensure your pet’s safety on the long car ride.

Ways To Secure Your Dog In The Car

We’ve put together five tips for driving with your pet and making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Prepare your pet for the drive

You should be prepared in advance if you’re going to be driving with your dog in the car. If your pet has never been in the car before, make a few short trips first to see how it reacts. While some animals react regularly, others suffer from anxiety or even motion sickness. If the latter is the case for your pet, talk to your veterinarian about appropriate medications. To prepare your pet for crate time, leave the crate around the house for a few days so it may get used to it.

Buckle them up

One recommended way to secure a pet is to use a chest-style harness in the rear seating position. Run a seat belt through a loop on the back of the pet harness or under the back of the harness itself. Always consult the pet harness information manual for instruction on proper vehicle use. This is an excellent solution to ensure that medium-to-large-sized dogs stay seated during a trip.

Keep a Pet Travel Kit handy

We always pack a toiletry kit for ourselves when we travel, so why not fill one for our pets as well? If you’re traveling out of the state, bring your pet’s health record along. You’ll need them in case your pet bites someone or gets bitten. Put your name, a destination address, and cell phone number on your pet’s crate in case of an emergency. It’s crucial to carry small first-aid items like nail clippers and liquid bandages. It would be best if you also brought a few portable water bowls, a poop002D scooper, waste bags, treats, an extra leash, and your pet’s favorite toy for comfort.

Pet Travel Kit handy

Keeping your pet entertained

It might seem fun to let your dog in the car hang its head out the window, but this practice is dangerous. According to ASPCA, it could get hit by any flying objects, and the wind and cold air can cause inner-ear damage and lung infections. Bring along a favorite chew toy, treats, and other items instead. Stop the car often to let them out, stretch their legs, and sniff around.

Give your pets appropriate breaks

It’s vital to stop often during any trip so that your pet can stretch its legs, relieve itself, and burn off some excess energy. You can give them some water, but you should avoid feeding them in a moving vehicle. It’s best to provide it no less than 3-4 hours before your trip begins, to minimize motion sickness.

pets appropriate breaks

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