How to Reduce Fuel Consumption In Cars

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Great reduce fuel consumption economy and a brand new car are no longer mutually exclusive. Many of our used cars here at the Car Factory provide incredible fuel efficiency. With fluctuating gas prices and never-ending bills, this can take some load off your financials. Well, if you just bought a great used car from us or are still in the market looking for one, let us help you maximize that precious fuel. We’ve listed some of our most effective fuel-saving tips, which will not only vehicle reduce fuel consumption but also add a few extra dollars into your bank account.


Tips For Reduce Fuel Consumption In Cars

1. Avoid high speeds

Gas mileage decreases quickly any time you drive at speeds above 60 mph. If you’re someone who likes to drive as fast as possible, we hope that you’ve got some excellent and cheap car insurance that’ll save you. Although it might be fun to push your car to its limit, it won’t bode well for your fuel efficiency.

Avoid high speeds

2. Cruise control

Maintaining a consistent speed on the highway is a great way to improve your used car’s gas mileage, but FYI this only helps when driving on mostly flat roads.

3. Do not brake or accelerate too hard

Aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by 33% on the highway and 5% in the city. Avoiding braking and accelerating too hard will not only extend the life of your used car but also drastically improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

4. Deflated tires

When you drive with under-inflated tires, it’s like your used car has its parking brake stuck on. So make sure you never drive around with deflated tires.

Deflated tires

5. Air-conditioning

If your used car’s A/C does not work, then you can move on to the next tip. However, if you have that luxury, you might want to use it sparingly since it tends to harm your gas mileage.

6. Additional weight

Do not carry any additional weight in your car than necessary. Traveling light is ideal, as each extra 50 lbs. of added weight results in a 1% reduction in fuel economy.

7. Avoid long idles

You should not warm up your used car for more than 30 seconds. Do not let your used car sit idle to heat up or cool down unless it’s essential. Remember sitting idle gets zero miles per gallon.

8. Servicing your vehicle

Changing the motor oil, air filters, and spark plugs irregularly can lead to a significant decrease in your used car’s fuel economy.

Servicing your vehicle

9. Vehicle gas caps

About 20% of used cars have gas caps that are either damaged, loose or missing. This causes 147 million gallons of gas to vaporize every year. Loose gas caps can result in a 2.0 mpg reduction in fuel efficiency. So make sure you’ve got a functional one and that it is secure.

10. Don’t top off your fuel tank

Topping off your fuel tank can saturate the emissions system with fuel and cause a spill when the fuel warms up. When the fuel nozzle clicks off, it means that the tank is full, so avoid adding any more.

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