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car ready for the winter

Vehicle safety is crucial during winter weather conditions, especially if you drive on icy or snowy roads. Here are a few tips on how to get your car ready for the winter.

Prepare Your Car Ready For The Winter

1. Practice your winter driving skills

Be mindful of your driving habits and how they need to change on icy roads. Going slow around corners, tapping your brakes, giving other cars plenty of space, and similar skills can help keep you safe.

2. Change your wiper blades

Wiper blades can crack and split over time, leading to slow, squeaky blades that don’t perform well. And that’s the last thing you want happening with you while driving in chilly weather conditions. So, make sure to change your vehicle’s wiper blades and consider buying more durable winter-ready wiper blades if you live in a harsher climate.

3. Prepare your wiper fluid

Ensure that your wiper fluid reservoir is full so that your vehicle is ready to wash away the winter grime. If temperatures drop close to freezing in your area, look for wiper fluid with antifreeze properties.

4. Check the air pressure in the tires

Please take a look at the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle model, and refill any of your tires so that they reach the recommended pressure. This will help you deal with icy road conditions more reliably. Home air compressors are affordable and a good safety investment.

Car’s Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

5. Track the tread durability of the tires

If you are using the same tires during the winter months, check the treads to make sure they are not worn down. The classic test is to take a penny and insert it in your grooves, Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can still see all of Lincoln’s head, your tires are balding, and it’s probably time to replace them.

6. Switch over to winter tires, if needed

Snow tires and all-season tires provide extra traction to help cover icy terrain. If your local city allows these tires, look to see where and when they are recommended. Changing your tires over a couple of times a year is worthwhile in snowy areas. And this may be required by law in harmful conditions.

7. Keep winter tools in your car

Pack your ice scraper, booster cables, gloves, and other necessary winter morning tools in your vehicle for easy access. For deeper snow, you may want to include a shovel for clearing paths and cat litter for improving traction on the ground.

8. Check the battery

Extreme temperatures can affect the batteries, so you should make sure that your battery is clean. And that the connections are secure and not corroded. If it’s an older battery, consider getting tested and possibly replaced before the weather gets bad.

Car Maintenance Tips

9. Change the oil

Older oil will be even more sluggish in winter, thanks to the combination of cold and contaminants. Avoid the problem by replacing your oil before the chilly months arrive.

10. Clean and treat the doors

Sometimes car doors can get stuck in cold weather conditions. You can remedy this problem by cleaning your doors thoroughly and applying a light layer of oil or another lubricant to the edge of your car doors. This works for the hood and trunk hinges as well.   

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