Saint Patty’s COVID-19 Approved! How to Deck Out Your Car for This Upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patricks Day

As the spread of the novel coronavirus reached a pandemic, gatherings across the U.S. meant to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day were canceled for another year in an effort to slow the spread of the deadly disease. Deck out your car for this upcoming Saint Patricks Day!

But those hoping to still take part in Irish-themed revelry don’t have any choice but to look any further than their computer screens or smartphone. The Milwaukee Irish Fest is hosting a Virtual Saint Patrick’s Day celebration to put a little fun, joy, and entertainment on your news feeds!

Officials with the Irish Fest, which usually takes place in August, is the largest Irish event in North America. They’d be posting live streams, artist-curated videos, Irish Fest throwback videos, and re-share others participating in the digital holiday by using the hashtag ‘virtualpaddysday.’

The partnership to bring the celebration to as many people as possible was a no-brainer, New York Editor Kerry O’Shea told

“A lot of people, Irish or not, love and look forward to St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Celebrating it remotely can be a day of fun in otherwise unsettling times,” O’Shea said. “IrishCentral is dedicated to bringing Irish news, culture, and ‘craic’ (the Irish word for fun) to the masses, and that shouldn’t and won’t stop just because you can’t get to a parade or pub on March 17.”

The spread of coronavirus has led to unprecedented cancelations and postponements of long-standing St. Patrick’s Day events across the country and the world. Some Saint Patricks Day enthusiasts still appear to not be dissuaded by concerns about the virus spreading, insisting that events go on as planned.

But there are other ways to celebrate this lovely holiday in your community as well! You can decorate your own cars and then take out a parade where everyone can see the creative ways you all have interpreted the theme.

The residents can turn up for the parade wearing their own green attires, funny hats, and strings of shamrock beads. Even if it doesn’t pan out for your entire community, you can still decorate your car for this holiday and drive around your neighborhood to spread holiday cheer.

Here are some tips to deck out your car and turning your own car into a fun ride for the day!

What can you use?

Anything green is great but look at party décor items like banners, fringe, large shamrocks, and even holiday-themed tablecloths. Next, you need to figure out how to attach these to your car so that they won’t fly off as you join in the parade or drive around your community.

Decoration ideas for Saint Patricks Day

• Green helium balloons or regular balloons

• Shamrock wreaths

• Green or gold garlands (search in your stored Christmas decorations)

• Strings of shamrocks

• “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” banners

• Green fringe

• A pot of gold

• A leprechaun (or many leprechauns)

• Irish flags

• Garden banners with an Irish theme

• Take it out for a test-spin

After you attach all your decorations with twist ties, clear package tape, or other means, take a slow drive up and down your street. You’ll want to see what isn’t secure and falls off. Re-attach it and secure anything that seems loose.

Deck Out Your Car for This Upcoming Saint Patrick's Day!

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