Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing A Mechanic For Car

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You’re driving along when you notice that something isn’t quite right with your car. The steering wheel is vibrating, and the car makes a strange noise every time you stop or slow down. Whether your car needs a tune-up or a major car repair, the chances are that you’ll be choosing a mechanic pretty soon to fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle. Keep in mind that the first conversation you have with a car choosing a mechanic can determine how successful the rest of your service experience will be.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing a mechanic before they start working on any repairs on your vehicle.

1. Have you worked on this make and model before?

Some vehicle repair shops specialize in specific types of cars. Many have their auto technicians certified to work on specific makes and models. Taking your vehicle to one of those shops will ensure your vehicle is repaired by someone who is not just familiar with your car but is an expert regarding that model.

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2. What automotive associations do the dealership belong to?

The largest organization for auto repair businesses is the Automotive Service Association, which requires that its members adhere to industry regulations and the association’s code of ethics. AAA is another organization that puts repair shops through a review process to ensure they meet industry and customer service standards before they will recommend them to AAA members.

3. Can I speak to other customers for reference?

You can ask for references, but also take the time to do some pre-digging online. You can check the Better Business Bureau, in addition to reviewing sites like Yelp and Google Local. Another great site is Car Talk Mechanics Files, where customers have posted reviews of more than 75,000 mechanics around the United States. Use these sites to see what customers are saying about the service and experience. Also, keep an eye out for other customers at the shop when you are there and watch how they are being treated.

4. Will my estimate be free?

Check to see whether your car’s diagnostic exam to find out what is wrong, along with an estimated cost to fix it- is free. If the car repair shop does charge, ask them how the price is determined- is there an hourly rate or a flat fee, and what you can expect to be charged.

5. Do they provide written estimates?

You will want to get a detailed estimate in writing and signed by the mechanic before proceeding with any vehicle repair. The estimate should include what needs to be repaired, what parts are required to perform the repair and all the labor charges. Not only will this provide you with an idea of how much you’ll be paying, but if you run into any problems after the costs are finalized, and repairs are done, having that something in writing makes any legal action much easier to pursue.

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6. Will they explain all the details of the necessary repairs?

This might seem like a silly question, but you want to make sure the auto mechanic will be able to tell you in plain, easy-to-understand terms what needs to be done and why. When you comprehend the reasons behind the repairs, you’ll ask more informed follow-up questions and have a better grasp of the entire process.

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