What Causes A Car To Overheat In Summer, What To Watch Out For

car to overheat in Summer

Let’s say it’s a hot summer day and you’re driving to the beach what causes a car to overheat in summer. It’s the weekend, so traffic is heavy. All of a sudden, you notice a red check engine light on your dashboard. You filled your gas tank, so that’s not the problem. Then what exactly is going on?

The warning light is telling you that the engine temperature is way too high. This means that your car is overheating in summer. This is one of those situations where you really need to act fast, or else bad things can happen. There may be no obvious external signs like smoke coming out of the hood, but the temperature gauge going up into the danger zone should be enough to worry you seriously.

There are many reasons car to overheat in summer, and you can’t ignore it and drive on if you don’t want to end up with some significant damage being caused to your engine. 

car overheats

How the summer can cause your car to overheat in summer

1. Leaks in the cooling system

2. Coolant combination

3. Non-working thermostat

4. Failing radiator

5. Cracked or old hoses

6. Failing radiator fan

7. Water pump belt failing

8. Broken water pump

9. Blockage in the cooling system

10. Sufficient oil level

11. Head gasket malfunction

12. Air in the coolant lines

13. Radiator is too small

14. Faulty warning light

15. Hot weather

These are the many reasons car to overheat in summer, so the best thing to do in these cases is to get your car towed to a service station as soon as possible. Stay on the safe side and stop as soon as possible if your car starts overheating – don’t risk driving any further unless you absolutely must do so.

Don’t lose your cool

What to do if your car to overheat in summer

1. Turn the AC off

Cars often overheat in hot weather, so the first thing to do is immediately turn the AC off.

2. Turn the defrost button on and put heat on high

The heater will pull as much heat out of your engine as possible.

3. Roll down the car windows

The temperature inside the car should be hotter than that on the outside.

4. Pull over and wait for help

As soon as you get a chance to do so, pull over and call for help. It’s better to wait for a professional to check your car if you cannot do it yourself.

How to keep your car from overheating this summer

Here are a few helpful tips to prevent your car from overheating this summer:

– Always check your temperature gauge

– Check oil levels frequently

– Flush and clean your radiator, and ensure that it’s working efficiently at all times

– Exhaust wrap is a protection you can apply that prevents heat from reaching the engine

– Try to avoid rush hour traffic. Steady, constant driving is less likely to cause overheating

– Park in the shade whenever possible

– Use a sunshade to keep your car cool

– Tint your windows to keep the inside of your car cooler

– Leave your car windows open a crack for ventilation when you park

– Turn your floor vents on

– Turn off the recirculation button until the car is cool

– Replace your car battery regularly

– Always keep some spare coolant in the car

– Service your car regularly.

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What To Do When Your Car Overheats