Review this Car Detailing Checklist Before you Touch Up

Car Detailing Checklist

Operators in the car detailing checklist industry clean, wash, and wax all kinds of automotive vehicles. This industry also includes self-service establishments. The auto detailing industry does not include companies that predominantly change motor oil or provide automotive repair and maintenance services. 

Maintaining your vehicle is a necessity, but it can also be quite heavy on your pockets sometimes. An effective way to maintain your car (and spare yourself some money) is by doing it yourself. But if you are not familiar with a car detailing checklist, then we figured that you could use some guidance.

Auto detailing checklist

What should a DIY car detail checklist include?

A DIY car detailing checklist includes all the steps or facets that you should not neglect when detailing your vehicle. A car detailing checklist is generally focused on two key aspects: cleaning and preventive, and ongoing maintenance.


The first step in your car detailing checklist is cleaning your car.

1. Test the cleaning products

If you use special cleaning products, you should test each of them on every surface or fabric that you are going to use in the car. Inadequate or erosive products may cause harm to the particular area you may want to use them on.

2. Get rid of greasy spots

We know better than anyone that oily stains can be quite stubborn to remove, but we know of a way you can still banish them. Use a 50/50 solution made of thinner and water, and rub it over the spot with a cotton cloth. Then, all you have to do is sprinkle some cornmeal over it, and leave it overnight. In the morning, vacuum the area, and the greasy spot will be gone. 

3. Eliminating odors and tough stains

So maybe your kid or your drunken friend got sick in the car. Those smell and stains could be difficult to get rid of, especially if it they have remained in the vehicle for a longer time. Your best bet to eliminate the sight and smell of it is by using a solution of baking soda and cold water on the particular area.

Servicing your vehicle

Preventative maintenance

The second and final step in your car detailing checklist is preventative and ongoing maintenance. Here are a few tips:

1. Use seat covers

A great way to prevent messy and stubborn stains is to cover the seats with something. To do this, you can either buy some covers that are specially designed for your vehicle or use a foam mat or a towel. Seat covers are a blessing, especially when you have kids.

2. Keep wet wipes handy in your car

It is easier to clean a spot that has been made recently, rather than one that was made a few days, or even hours ago. It is important to have a pack of wet wipes on hand in your car, and using them immediately in case anything sticky or dusty makes contact with any surface.

check your wipers

3. Buy a trash bin made for cars

If you travel for long hours, then it is impossible to not have any trash in your vehicle. Uneaten crackers, tissues, or takeaway coffee cups can make a real mess in your car if you just throw them in your car anywhere. A trash bin, especially one made for cars can be quite useful in such cases. 

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