Season of Giving: Best Time To Buy A Car In 2021

Best Time To Buy A Car

Kids mostly dream of sugarplum fairies and chocolates during the season of giving, but adults often secretly dream of their dream car with a giant bow on it. This holiday season, giving a loved one a life-changing gift is more affordable than ever, therefore Car Factory has come up with some of the best offers for the season of giving.

This article discusses 4 reasons that now is the best time to buy a car in 2021 and some tips on how to find great car deals.

High festive-season discounts:

The best time to buy a car is during the holiday season, which has some of the biggest price drops. If you wait too long, prices will go back up and your dream car may be out of reach for years.

Research shows that car prices are on average 12% cheaper during the season of giving than the rest of the year.


The season of giving is a great time to buy a new model and trade in your old one as you will get up to 15% more for it during this season. You can then use those funds towards any costs you have with your new model.


Car Factory has some great seasons of giving promotions like $0 down payment, guaranteed financing with rates starting as low as 1.89% along with a lifetime warranty on all makes and models, which add even more savings for shoppers this season.


If you are someone who likes to shower your loved ones with fancy gifts, then this season you can give them their dream car.

Here’s how you can gift a car this holiday season:

Step One: Pick out a car that they would like.

Buying a car for someone else can be very stressful if you are unsure about their preferences – namely the color, model and key features of the car. Mostly, while planning on giving a car as a gift you must have a hint about the model that your loved one would like (such as a Fort Mustang or F-150). You can also ask them to take you for a free test drive so that they get an idea about the model.

Step Two: Connect with a local car dealer you trust to find a good holiday deal.

You can leverage end-of-year deals, and this year is an especially incredible one for deals. You can partner with the dealership to not spoil the surprise and avoid calling your home phone.

Car Factory has all these seasons of giving car promotions mentioned above including $0 down payment with guaranteed financing options starting as low as just 1.89% per month. 

Step Three: Don’t wait until Christmas Eve – buy the car ahead of time.

Don’t wait until Christmas Eve, rather buy a car ahead of time, this is for a number of  reasons: a) you don’t want to get stuck in a crowd during peak holiday period, b) car financing for someone else can be very complicated if you choose the wrong dealership. Of course, buying the car in advance means that you will need to hide your gift for a few days at a relative’s place to ensure your surprise is not spoiled. 

Step Four: Retrieve the car and add a few touches.

This can be the most fun part of gifting a vehicle, and a lot of Car Factory’s customers like to be creative about it!

Here are some fun ideas to level up the gifted car:

  • Top your car with a giant bow.
  • Figure out a unique way to present your keys – hide it in another gift or present in a jewellery box.
  • Write a love note or a thank you card and place it in the cupholder of the car.
  • Give a tiny toy replica of the car before the actual gift.

Tips To Find Great Car Deals During Season Of Giving

There are many seasons of giving car deals available online and at your local dealerships, but you must be careful about the offers that seem too good to be true.

Before you jump on the season of giving car deals, make sure to do your research and read customer reviews. You can also ask friends or family members for advice about which dealership they like using as their preferred option. 

If you are interested in learning more about the season of giving car deals then visit Car Factory, the largest new and used dealership with one-stop shopping for all your automotive needs.

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